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Cristiano Ronaldo from Fifa 19-the hoes gone

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Gameontwikkelaar EA Sports has Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover of the game of football, Fifa 19 is passed.

The 33-year-old player of Juventus is on the cover replaced by Kevin De Bruyne, Neymar and Paulo Dybala. He is also removed from the ‘tussenbeelden’.

Why Ronaldo is gone, says EA Sports. Supposedly, the clerical-abuse scandal in which the athlete is involved to deal with it. The Portuguese soccer star is accused of in 2009, a woman raped in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

Ronaldo says that he and Kathryn Mayorga a relationship with a ‘mutual consent’. Through the klokkenluidersplatform Football Leaks it became known that Ronaldo, an agreement would have been signed with the woman and her 375.000 dollars would have paid. The footballer denies that.

EA expressed earlier his concerns about the case.

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