Colin Kaepernick responds lawsuit against NFL

d873d0ec5d5ded88dec01323af85fd1d - Colin Kaepernick responds lawsuit against NFL

Colin Kaepernick, former quarterback of the San Francisco 49’ers, has agreed to a settlement in the lawsuit he had filed against the National Football League for conspiracy.

In August 2016, refused to Kaepernick right to feathers when before the match the national anthem was played. He did this in protest against the, in his eyes, excessive police brutality against blacks: he had no sense in paying homage to a nation that its citizens are not equal treats. A few months after that he came no more to play, that he his contract with the San Francisco 49’ers, let dissolve.

Kaepernick, who has a contract as a free player, got no opportunities at other clubs, according to him, by the comments of president Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence. The unemployed quarterback decided the 32 clubs in the NFL to sue for conspiracy, along with his buddy Eric Reid. Kaepernick claimed that the clubs from the NFL agreements from the collective labour agreement automatically broke. Therein is clearly described that the clubs are not allowed to collude.

Kaepernick (still without club, but in the meantime, however, a sponsorship deal from Nike richer) beat last year’s settlement proposal of the NFL, today, he and Reid in on a new proposal. Details the audience will, however, not to hear. The settlement is confidential and neither party will comment, said Kaepernicks lawyer Mark Geragos on Twitter.

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