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Belgian game industry falls in the prices with the mysterious island and space pirates

2fa13653a74041f34a02f919acd7375a - Belgian game industry falls in the prices with the mysterious island and space pirates

For quite a while Kortrijk Friday, the Mecca for everyone with a heart for games. On the Belgian Game Awards, was once again the talent of homegrown market.

The two big contenders Divinity: Original Sin 2, and Space Pirate Trainer, that amateurs to seasoned VR-space pirates omdoopt, could the expectations. They won, respectively, in the categories of Best PC/Console and Best Virtual Reality. Also LUCA-student Jeff Jacobs allowed himself lucky. With his VR-game Point of View he won the prize for Best Student in the wait. In that game you assume the role of the assistant of a professor that takes you to a mysterious island. Though there was also a place for realistic games, such as Trivia Switch, based on the tv quiz Switch that is currently on One. The app was already more than half a million times.

Growth potential

Although Belgium has globally a small player remains, the prices are a nice recognition within a industry that has with the years become more professional. Where used to be mainly hobbyists themselves ventured out to make a game, grew over the years, the number of larger studios, games developed. Therefore, there were also Belgian games with an international potential on the market.

Also politicians are aware of the growth potential of the gamesector. Recently, the parliamentary Committee of Finance almost unanimously a bill to the tax shelter to expand into the gaming industry. Today fall only film and performing arts under the tax beneficial regime. Or the law also is accepted by the Chamber, it remains to wait.

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