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Anderlecht-coach Fred Rutten is ready for battle on the Season: “There are no easy matches at the front”

7bad621e8f70446ec8b046d88a85f9a9 - Anderlecht-coach Fred Rutten is ready for battle on the Season: “There are no easy matches at the front”

Anderlecht draws Sunday to the Team for undoubtedly a sturdy pot football. No problem for coach Fred Rutten. The Dutchman is ready for it, and assumes that his players are ready for it. “There are no easy matches at the front”, sounds combative.

Antwerp is praised/ridiculed it for his physical way of playing football. It hurt Fred Rutten not and he will ensure that his players will not bother it. “I will they to prepare that they are ready for it should be”, what it sounds like. “My core has had to deal with this type of competitions, they have experience with it. But we also must not overdo it. If you going to act differently than you in reality are. Antwerp? At the position where they stand, it can be only but a season. Yes, they are physically strong, they are not for nothing on this place. No, I’m not envious of their audience, that I do not know. I have it in my career or more experienced that I on the other hand, was. That can have a positive impact, that will at Antwerp, as also. But we have no very young schoolelftal. We have more than sufficient experience to do it well to go.”

Opponent not happy

About how his players have prepared, continued Rutten vague. “If I’m now going to tell, then it would be mainly the opponent thus happy. I’m going to my players to prepare them well for the day, I’m already the whole week. Anyone who is fit and can play. Cobbaut? I expect that everyone there is ready for. We are not a playground, they are professionals. If they are asked, they should be ready are: young, old, experienced. They should just stand. That is the life of a professional.”

Also, the fight in the dugout can be severe: Antwerp-coach Laszlo Bölöni has a spicy reputation. “If something is unjust, then I must also comment,” said Rutten. “But everyone is in a different way. You must respect those in charge. People can make mistakes. But we also have the VAR. But if the injustice is great, also can I out of my skin jump.”

Questions are not tired

Or Anderlecht at all playoff reaches 1… The question keeps coming back. “I had to be on your side, I also pose a question”, said Rutten. “That is very normal. It continues a theme that goes with the expectations around this club. If that is still not realized, then the question remains.”

There are still five races on the program. The paarswitte program has a trip to Antwerp and a ” home against Club Brugge. This is followed by three relatively easy matches. How many points has Anderlecht still needed to POI to achieve? Rutten: “In a gray past, I am also on the count struck and usually that does not happen. Let’s just match by match live, then we see about five matches where we stand. That of the difficult and easy-match is a misconception. There are no easy games at the front. Certainly not if you are where we are right now.”

Still, Rutten optimistic. He has evolution seen, say he. “Not in points, in the way of play. We get fewer chances against, playing a lot less messy and with more structure. I don’t look like backwards, but our program up to now was not easy. That is why I was so disappointed that we Sunday are not the three points have caught against Zulte Waregem.”


A very point remains: Anderlecht forces to few opportunities. “We are already in training doing”, sounds. “But it only counts on Sunday afternoon or early in the evening. That is the reference. We will see Sunday.”

That the inhabitants of Brussels in the past days, fysical coach Gino Caen avenue uitstuurden and replaced by the Dutch Shoemaker, was, according to Fred Rutten is not more than normal. “The previous (Gino Caen, red) was more of an assistant coach. It is logical that we are real specialists want to work, and who we have now, is a real specialist.”

Also I saw Ajax last Tuesday, an excellent game to play against Real Madrid. Is the level in Dutch is higher than in Belgium. Rutten: “In Holland you have PSV and Ajax that there sticking out. In Belgium, there are more clubs that compete with one another, especially physically. Here are the clubs physically stronger than in the Netherlands and is the as a big club it is difficult to the small win. Play Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord for a small cluppie, as well as a set that they are the three points address. That is the essential difference.

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