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AA Gent-coach Jess Thorup don’t want too much to count for Play-off 1: “Five finals ahead of us”

e451b2d335b19b96d59e9e503a52ebdf - AA Gent-coach Jess Thorup don't want too much to count for Play-off 1: “Five finals ahead of us”

On the eve of the match against Waasland-Beveren, has AA Gent-coach, Jess Thorup said that he does not want to charge for Play-off 1. AA Gent is one of the candidates to the end of a ticket for Play-off 1 pack and must still have five finals to play, ” says the coach of AA Gent.

AA Gent suffered last week a painful thuisnederlaag against Mouscron. Jess Thorup is aware that his team and himself a disservice has been proven and points, players are now also on their responsibility: “We need to be more consistent and manage to our level longer to hold on and not after two or three good matches to fall back on. This is where we need to work. There remains to us still five matches and we need our level of Mouscron return match.”

That inability to be a real series to put down played AA Gent earlier this season, which is often an issue. Thorup realizes that his team after last weekend still but hardly any missteps can afford it: “ Four wins needed? The competition affects each other also, but if you start to count, you will lose your focus. You have your own match to win. I don’t want too much speculation.”

STVV largest competitor, Anderlect ‘hors category’

Surprisingly enough, see Thorup especially STVV as the last competitor for the sixth ticket: “I look especially at STVV, they count four points more than us and we take them on the last day. So we have less than three points when we go to Sint-Truiden travel, but we need to focus on our own performance. Anderlecht will probably save, that is a top club. It goes between STVV and us. Charleroi seems to me to be off.”

Purple and white according to the Ghent coach so ” hors category”, in spite of the poor results under their new coach Fred Rutten: “We were in the past few months, in a better time period than Anderlecht but I think they will get. It is up to us to now return to the thread to pick up, and then we also have a good chance of Play-off 1 to pick up. There remains to us still, five matches and that is not much. That is perhaps the greatest danger. We still have five finals ahead of us. There should be nothing wrong.”

Mental problem

AA Gent seemed to be for that shocking defeat against Mouscron with seven to nine, and the qualification for the final of the Croky Cup immediately at cruising speed to play in the new voetbaljaar. Thorup detected, however, a mental phenomenon: “Apparently we have difficulty with the role. We must not be too much to dwell on it. We have our own style and tactical plan to impose. That is also a mental story. Also in the cup final we will be in the role to be forced. That is perhaps the hardest part of the job. You have players touch their heart. When I say that it is a strong opponent, they should be especially motivated to have a great achievement to put down.”

Prior to the game against Mouscron bleaching some of the Ghent players not on the height of the new loss of points from Anderlecht for his home crowd against Zulte Waregem and was in a tie. A conscious choice of Thorup, as it turns out: “Is that the major motivation? Not for me. We have to focus on our own performance. And not to the results of the competition.

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