Well-known Flemish people take their moms on a trip full of action and kicks

c6f2d610017516a5f2fad49ead68b222 - Well-known Flemish people take their moms on a trip full of action and kicks

Six well-known Flemish people go from Monday 25 February on a trip with their mom. No junket, but an intense trip full of action and kicks, to all corners of the world. In the Way With Our Ma dotting the well-known Flemish people activities that their mothers have never done and that’s not on their bucketlist. Ruth Beeckmans, Bart Kaëll, Niels Destadsbader, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Staf Coppens, Rob Vanoudenhoven learn their mothers from a different angle and get them firmly out of their comfort zone. One thing is for sure: after the broadcast is the whole of Flanders away from their ma!

A mother would everything do for her child. From that thought make the famous sons and daughters like to have a little bit of abuse in the Way With Our Ma. Quietly through the city, strolling or sunbathing by the pool is unfortunately not in. On the to do list? Bathing between the crocodiles, swim with the largest shark in the world, skydiving, clubbing, mountain climbing, cuddling with cobras, scuba diving, … And that bucket list are to travel the BV’s with their mother to places where they never came. Of Spain, Iceland or Morocco to South Africa, India, the Philippines and Las Vegas. There they do together what they never would dare.

Ruth Beeckmans and her mom Chrisje (60) address as the first their bags for a challenging trip to South Africa. The destination feel for Ruth as ‘coming home’, because her husband was born there. Her relationship with Chrisje describes Ruth as a real mother-dochterrelatie. With lots of love, but also with the necessary irritations. On their trip to South Africa, and hopes to Ruth to find the answer to one burning question: how well I know my mommy?

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