Trump is going to declare a state of emergency to limes wall to build

615ca8828f2abba0d91daf1c3576667d - Trump is going to declare a state of emergency to limes wall to build

American president Donald Trump will be the budget proposal of the Congress to approve a new closure of the government agencies to avoid. That the White House has confirmed. At the same time will Trump the declare a state of emergency to get money for the wall on the border with Mexico.

‘President Trump will be the law for the public funding of signs, and such as he previously announced, he will also take further action – including the declaration of a state of emergency – to ensure that we have the national security and humanitarian crisis on the border can stop”, said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a spokeswoman for the White House. “The president is yet again his promise after building the wall, the border guard and our beautiful country to protect.’

At the end of January, president Trump agreed to a proposal from the leaders of Congress to the public services for three weeks to open again. There had to be then or within three weeks of an agreement on the security of the border with Mexico, read: money for a wall. That deadline expires tomorrow.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress found an agreement on the budget, but there is no money in front of the wall. Therefore, the president is now the state of emergency on the border with Mexico. That would Trump should enable funds provided by the Congress have already been approved for other purposes, for the limes wall. The president has 5.7 billion dollars needed.

Nancy Pelosi, chairman of the by the Democrats-controlled House of Representatives, let all know, legal action against Trumps action to consider. ‘What there is on the border with Mexico is done, is not a state of emergency.’

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