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Therefore prepares “creature of habit” Greg Van Avermaet its classical season this year in Oman

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Greg Van Avermaet start Saturday for the ninth time in his career in the Tour of Oman. Only one time was he not of the party, all the other years he prepared himself for in the Middle East. “I’m a bit of a creature of habit,” he told Thursday in Oman. “I bike here like to be and here you will find the ideal conditions to prepare you for the classical season.”

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Of the Team with a stage win in Valencia for an early victory in the bag and that gives confidence. In Oman, he adds, like to restart a stage win, but it is not a must. “It is always amusing when you here a win can grab, but this course is for me especially important in the direction of the classics. I want to be there from the Circulation to in Roubaix and here I can perfectly prepare for. After the ride, you can often still some miles extra times, it is ideal for me.”

Last year won the olympic champion, the journey to Wadi Dayqah Dam. “But that arrival is not possible in Oman,” he says. “However, I still see two, three chances. The stages of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, although Tuesday or tricky, possibly ends with a bunch sprint.”

In the first place, he must be in his ‘journeys’ than deal with the Italian Sonny Colbrelli, but also some other riders. “There are a couple of strong guys at the start, though I must the players still have a good look. Oliver Naesen, Nathan Haas, Magnus Cort Nielsen (both won last year, also a ride). Though I have to admit that the global field, however, is not so strong in comparison with other years. There is a lot of competition with other races.”

Creature of habit

“But well, I continue to come here. Here it is warm, the conditions for prices are perfect, the hotel is good and there are a number of rides at my size. There are races where I have less chances to do. I’m in that area, also a bit of a creature of habit. Other years I was also of the party, it pleases me every time, well, why would I change of approach in the direction of that spring? Chords: there are less big teams at the start and more smaller teams, but I didn’t mind. Then at the start firmly gekoerst because all the teams have a male and want to join in the escape. I got that like, that there really gekoerst.”

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