The Voice-finalist disagree with the criticism Koen Wauters

32d88975900bfe727890fbfb353d7ce8 - The Voice-finalist disagree with the criticism Koen Wauters

Koen Wauters expressed earlier this week criticized the participants in The Voice, but his own finalist last year, Bonni, believes that the problem was elsewhere. The 22-year-old Bonni From Ounsen last year, was the finalist for team Koen at The Voice van Vlaanderen. A year later, it remains a crowd pleaser Bonni “very disappointed” behind. Bonni continued his studies stop in The Voice to completely focus on the music to be able to focus, he tells us TV Family. As a finalist, he was immediately approached by record company Universal to work together. But of the many promises there was not much in the house…

During the summer of 2018 launched Bonni his first single, but “Be The One” was not the hoped-for success. “There is in my opinion too little attention is paid to the promotion and dissemination of the single,” says an embittered Bonni. “Frustrating,” called the finalist from the team of Koen Wauters. The record company promised him a great success with a very reclameplan, but when that first single came out there was precious little. The promising video was ultimately a low budgetclip and Qmusic – however part of VTM, sounds at Bonni – would be the number one time only run. At MNM was the single never even turned. “I got the necessary push, while Luka with Hooverphonic is flat twisted.”

Bonni sounds bitter in TV Family. “Do you want to sing your profession,” had the record company him asked for he the adventure began. Of course, it was Bonni, who like nothing more wanted. But it went totally wrong. Achieved Bonni the point that he compared himself had to admit that nothing would be. “I couldn’t live of the music,” says Bonni who have a job and also go back to study, a bachelor’s evening school to a real estate agent. He has the music fully specified?

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