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SuperJan Vertonghen great hero of Wembley against Dortmund: “It was just such an evening”

9966d3112fdc5e45869ef67ea1284d59 - SuperJan Vertonghen great hero of Wembley against Dortmund: “It was just such an evening”

Jan Vertonghen was the big hero Wednesday night at Wembley in the first leg of the 1/8th finals between Tottenham and Borussia Dortmund. “Outstanding”. As it was Gary Lineker, the performance of Vertonghen against Dortmund. SuperJan played a strong party on the left, and saw that awarded a goal and an assist. Just after the break, controlled the 31-year-old defender with a puntgave cross and Son, that the 1-0 binnentikte. Seven minutes before time, Vertonghen, the crown on the work by itself, the 2-0 score. A moment later, was the only substitute Llorente also the exaggerated 3-0 on the scoreboard.

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Tottenham started as the better team, but Borussia Dortmund took soon, and was ultimately the most dangerous team of the first half, including a shot on the ground of Whitewash after twenty minutes. On a goal, it was also in London to wait until just after the rest. After a beautiful crosspas of Vertonghen, trod Son Heung-Min (47.) at one time the opening goal against the nets. Vertonghen award-winning seven-minute for affluiten are very match, the occasion as a midfielder on the linkerfklank, with an unsustainable shot: 2-0. Three minutes later it was Fernando Llorente another one on.

“It was just such an evening”, beamed Vertonghen afterwards. “And it’s extra nice that it is here at Wembley and in the Champions League could happen. Dortmund was stronger in the first half, but after the rest we could turn around. They were slightly less strong for the day and the quick goal in the second half helped us. We had enough confidence to keep going. It was my first goal since the first match of the season. Then I had to wait on the doellijntechnologie, now I could immediately fully celebrate.”

For Axel Witsel and Dortmund is a new blow after the last Saturday in the Bundesliga have a 3-0-lead in the slotkwartier against Hoffenheim out of the hands gave. A few days earlier, was the leader in Germany, surprisingly, the cup gewipt in the eighth-finals.

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