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Strong Ajax still have the boat in against Real Madrid, Courtois comes way after VAR-surgery

23db7cc93467d94db26786b41b028fe2 - Strong Ajax still have the boat in against Real Madrid, Courtois comes way after VAR-surgery

In the heenwedstrijd of the eighth finals of the Champions League Real Madrid 1-2 win at Ajax. The match will go down in history as the first Champions Leaguewedstrijd in which a goal is to indicate the VAR was rejected. Ajax played a strong match against a mak Real, that only in the second half better in the match came. Real came up as first lead after a goal from Benzema. Ziyech could still align, but eventually Asensio for the kiss of death.

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Soon a voetbalquizvraag advanced: Who was the first videoref in the Champions League for the surgery? The answer: Szymon Marciniak. Yes yes, phonetically correct enough.

What annoyed Ajax say, that on reference to the VAR the 1-0 from full-Tagliafico disapproved. Just like players and staff were more than 50,000 Amsterdam fans are already cheering. They didn Marciniak, however, nothing to blame, the Pool did his job. Ajax was simply bad luck that the tv images were to be used. This used to be the goal is almost always approved.

What did Thibaut Courtois also relieved. His blunder was the basis of the goal. The Red Devil was slightly startled by Tadic – a kopballetje of The Is not the clamps. Tagliafico took advantage and headed inside, but Tadic was still in front of Courtois and showed – annoyingly so – offside. The goalkeeper reassuring message appeared on the screen: “No goal. Offside. No hay gol. Fuera de juego.”

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974 million

Ajax earned that advantage, however, five minutes for peace. In the first half he kicked it eleven times in the direction of purpose – no-one did this season better. The team of Erik ten Hag dropped the ball quite spectacularly fabulous about the, Real Madrid was reverse printed. It is not what you would expect from a club that kampioenenbal three times in a row won. And a club with 974 million euros on players. Ajax limps on that plane still behind with 369 million, wonderboy Frenkie de Jong despite. Also, Tadic and Ziyech were still good opportunities. That last came across Courtois, this time, however, at the toes, just like a vrijschop of Schöne.

Also after we had the first big chance for Ajax. Donny van de Beek seemed to be even a class better than The Young and put Neres only, for the purpose. The Brazilian kicked far too soft, and gradually they had at Ajax, is understood that they cover the nose would get. That happened when another Brazilian woke up. Vinicius Jr. had to rest once on the walking gone, but came then on Onana. This time dribbled the 18-year-old talent, the whole defence on a pile, then selfless to take on Benzema. The Frenchman trod dry and hard in the corner.

A vale of tears threatened to Ajax, but a quarter of an hour for time could still score. Neres set low, Ziyech tapped in, and now they are allowed to do cheer. For a short while anyway. In the final stage, pushed the visitors for a moment and brought Carvajal the ball in front of goal. Asensio tapped the 1-2 inside and gave The Royal is still the victory. In Amsterdam they know still do not how that could have happened. Sergio Ramos picked up his 600th duel for Real yellow and is suspended, but that offered anything but comfort.

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