Steven Van Herreweghe brings Mr. Owl back to life

97e5113a2c2662515aa162d734684dce - Steven Van Herreweghe brings Mr. Owl back to life

Mr. Owl is in the first episode Of general usefulness all the way back from never really went away. In 1968 it was the very first episode of The fabeltjeskrant on tv and very quickly became the in Flanders is huge. In 1972 there was even a special episode with a competition for the Flemish viewers. Three children were as lucky winners from the bus, they had all voted on the best singer out of the big dierenbos. That was rewarded with a present and a meeting with Mr. Owl. The children were in the clouds with that phenomenal surprise.

After a bit of searching has Steven Van Herreweghe two of which Flemish children found: Carla Herckens and Luc Of the Earth, when respectively 6 and 12 years, in the meantime, 52 and 58.
“I have when no owl seen. He was not there. And I have never heard of Mr. Owl,” bears witness to Luc a bit disappointed. Mr. Owl is never show up. And that put Steven 47 years later, right in public. Steven was truly a great honor to have Mr. Owl to welcome: “I was very impressed when I saw the Mr. Owl in the flesh had to meet. A tv legend! The original Mr. Owl, who 50 years ago for the first time to see was on tv. I don’t really have goose bumps,” says Steven enthusiastically.

Maaike gives a child a moth
We know Maaike Cafmeyer of a lot of fine tv programmes. But what Steven stands out, is her tv debut more than 18 years ago, in the credits of Man bites dog. A remarkable start of her tv career, even more so because the clip hundreds of times.
“I give a child a serious turn around his ears. I have him then never seen again, but often thought him to be. I can imagine that he has been traumatized for life,” says Maaike, with a great sense of humor.

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