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Sergio Ramos blows hot and cold about late yellow card, UEFA launch investigation

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Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos Wednesday late on Twitter, after the end of the heenwedstrijd in the eighth finals of the Champions League at Ajax (1-2), denied intentionally a yellow card to have been caught. The UEFA made, however, is known to open an investigation into the case.

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By that yellow carton is Ramos suspended for the second leg of the eighth finals, but he would in the quarter-finals, where the People all with one and a half leg in, again speelgerechtigd. Ramos picked up his yellow card after a rough tackle in the 89th minute, right after the second goal of the Royal.

In the mixed zone after the game had Ramos nevertheless hinted aware of the yellow card to have been caught. “I have seen the result, just the thought in my head to let them pass with intent yellow to take it,” explained the 32-year-old defender from the journalists present. “By this I mean the opponent not to be underestimated, but you need to make a decision and that’s what I did.”

An hour later thought of Ramos, and posted the following message on Twitter: “I just want to clarify that I was never that yellow card wanted to address. In the heat of battle I let it go.”

Ramos, if the UEFA considers that the card deliberately took, a heavier sanction is to be expected than the usual one match suspension. Article 15 of the disciplinary rules of the UEFA stipulates that “at least two days suspension if a player purposely draw a card”. Last year was Ramos’ ploegmakker for Real, right back Dani Carvajal, an extra day, hum, for that reason.

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