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Rock musician Ryan Adams are accused of unacceptable behaviour: ‘Am not a perfect man’

Rock musician Ryan Adams (44) has responded to an article in The New York Times, where he on Wednesday was accused of unacceptable behaviour. So he would sexually oriented messages have been sent to a fifteen-year-old. Adams calls the message ‘inaccurate’, but also says ‘not a perfect man.”

Adams responded via Twitter on the message in the American newspaper, which stated that seven women, including his ex-wife and actress Mandy Moore, accuse him of manipulative behavior and of the approach of female artiestes to have sex with him.

One of those women says in the article that she was only fifteen years old when she was sexually toned messages received from the singer.

“I am not a perfect man, and I have many mistakes made. To everyone I ever hurt you, even unintentionally, I offer my unconditional apologies’, tweet Adams.

Then it goes on: ‘The image in the article from me is outlined, however, is painfully inaccurate. Some details are out of context torn, others are exaggerated, some things are absolutely wrong shown. I would never inappropriate to send messages to someone who I know that she is a minor. Point out.’

Adams started his music career as a member of the band Whiskeytown, then in 2000 his solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ to launch. He worked together with famous names as John Mayer, Willie Nelson and Norah Jones.

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