Record number of dolphins washed ashore on the French Atlantic coast

6d2eed8dee2bdfd0c29d785a253065cc - Record number of dolphins washed ashore on the French Atlantic coast

Since the beginning of this year, there are already more than 400 dolphins, on the French Atlantic coast and washed up. A triets record that conservation is a concern.

The figures come from Pelagis, a centre specialized in marine mammals and seabirds. Researcher Hélène Peltier designates fisheries with the finger. ‘The majority of the animals that we have examined exhibit damage by fishing.’

Despite the fact that fishing boats echo sounder bet for the dolphins to scare them off, get the animals still entangled in the nets. The wounded animals are used by the fishermen back in the water, cast and then they wash up on the beach. ‘Since the beginning of January, we sit on the French west coast, between the South of Brittany and the Spanish border, with a total of more than 400 dolphins.’

Only a fraction of the victims

The alarming figures are motivated by the nature conservation organization France Nature Environnement (FNE). The FNE suggests that for the observed period the number of dolphins the records of previous winters, it has broken. They are arguing for an urgent reduction of the number of fishing vessels.

Peltier is worried. In the same period this year there were more dolphins washed up than last year. The main strandings last year, there were in the period February-march. At that time there were 800 animals registered. Now we are only at the beginning of February, and the counter is already at 400. The numbers therefore continue to increase: that is the big question.’

The washed-up animals would have only a fraction of the victims. The majority of the carcasses sink to the bottom of the ocean.

In order to solve the problem, the European Union in 2002, and regulation. It states that an independent observer on board of vessels shall check whether the European regulations are being complied with. In practice, it appears that control to continue. “There are plenty of fishermen with dolphins in their nets, but the State does not deliver enough efforts to get into an inspection’, said Denis Ody of WWF France in 2017 already on the French newspaper Libération.

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