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Newsflash: Bitcoin whale moved to pay 20,000 BTC, Ripple, QuadrigaCX, Tinder with crypto – Coin Hero

0cf3a0e1469762c661ead413736dd030 - Newsflash: Bitcoin whale moved to pay 20,000 BTC, Ripple, QuadrigaCX, Tinder with crypto - Coin Hero

Newsflash: Bitcoin whale moved to pay 20,000 BTC, Ripple, QuadrigaCX, Tinder with crypto

Home News Newsflash: Bitcoin whale moves a 20,000 BTC, Ripple, QuadrigaCX, Tinder with crypto to pay

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Three Bitcoin”whales” have moved in the last hours, a total of 92 million dollars in Bitcoin. None of the Transfers seems to be a dealer who is prepared to the sale. The largest whale sent 20,000 of Bitcoin, worth about 72 million dollars from an unknown Wallet to another.

The other two transactions were of the crypto-currency exchange Poloniex, and went to unknown Wallets. A whale moving of 4 309 BTC to a value of about 15.6 million dollars, while the other ended 1.559 BTC to a value of 5.6 million dollars in verse.


As Ripple said in a press release, the Saudi Central Bank to allow domestic banks with the Ripples Software xCurrent simplified, cross-border payment solutions.

The head of the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA), Mohsen Al Zahrani, said that she has decided to work with Ripple because the company focused Use Case has a very focus. Initially, the company will use the xCurrent technology of Ripple:

SAMA manages the program. We are accelerating it. We also do the Training for all the banks in – depth training for the Blockchain and Ripple-technology. And the banks themselves to start with the implementation of the technology on the basis of different application cases, which we have discussed in the program. The banks will start using this technology in the production. Initially, we had a Bank that went with Ripple’s xCurrent productive. Another go pretty soon productive. Two more banks will soon follow in this quarter of 2019.

Ripples of global head of infrastructure innovation Dilip Rao said that the commitment of SAMA, an adaptation could trigger a wave:

Central banks around the world rely on the Blockchain-technology and cross-border payments can transform, which leads to lower barriers to trade for businesses and consumers. SAMA is the first Central Bank, the resources that domestic banks provide the instant payments with the innovative Blockchain-solution of Ripple to allow.


As a new Court filing shows, the canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX on 6. February has accidentally can be sent 468.675 $ in Bitcoin to a Cold Wallet address, you will no longer have access to. The company claims that it is “working on it, this crypto-currency from the different Cold Wallets”.

The stock exchange had provided in December 2018 for a stir, as its CEO, Gerald Cotten died, had sole access to all the Cold Wallets of the company. The latest amount is only a part of a larger loss. Overall, the stock market has crypto-currencies to the value of 145 million dollars was lost and it tries to retrieve, since Gerald Cotten died last year in India.

Tinder + Crypto

The crypto payment platform Bitrefill now allows crypto-payments on Tinder, one of the world’s top-selling mobile Apps. Bitrefill allows crypto enthusiasts to buy a Google Play or Apple iTunes (App Store) gift card with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin. The gift card can then be used for subscriptions in the case of Tinder, and the hundreds of other Apps used.

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