Mike Angelo gets a role alongside Pierce Brosnan in “The Misfits”

ed2ea1fa8767d7dda95f6d76dcb05a3d - Mike Angelo gets a role alongside Pierce Brosnan in "The Misfits"

Pirat Nitipaisalkul, also known by his stage name Mike Angelo, has a role in the new heistfilm “The Misfits” from director Renny Harlin. The Thai actor is allowed on the part of actor Pierce Brosnan play. It reports the filmmagazine Deadline today.

The filming of the movie about a notorious goudrover going on 18 February, in Abu Dhabi. Hermione Corfield, known from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and Jamie Chung will also see the cast join.

The film follows the adventures of a notorious criminal, played by Pierce Brosnan, after he has a big goudroof commits. Mike Angelo plays the role of a Wick in the movie.

Mike Angelo was initially known as a singer of the Thai’s pop duo’s Golf & Mike. After 2011 he started a solo career, and he got some televisierollen, inter alia, in series such as “Delicious Destiny”, “Mr. Swimmer” and “My Amazing Boyfriend”.

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