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McLaren presents orange-blue F1 racing car

ea4916ab1a956c189d9a9c1a50acbc0e - McLaren presents orange-blue F1 racing car

The McLaren F1 team has its new F1 car at its headquarters in Woking proposed. Yesterday was a select audience, including a lot of McLaren fans who were invited to the car to see. The MCL34 must be the McLaren F1 team again closer to the top of the Formula 1 show.

For the latest F1 title by a F1-pilot of McLaren was achieved, we should go back to 2008, when Lewis Hamilton his first world title in Formula 1 captured. For the last constructeurstitel of McLaren we have even ten years further back to 1998, the year that Mika Hakkinen is to champion crowned.

Indeed, McLaren is no more the glorious F1 team of the past. Over the past few years were particularly disappointing, and especially the transition to the engines of Honda turned out to be a drama. It resulted in 2017 even in a dramatic ninth place in the constructeurskampioenschap.

Last year he made McLaren the transition to the motors Renault and the expectations were high. Our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne and two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso did with the Renault engines powered MCL33, however, not to the hoped-for great leap forward.

With a sixth place in the constructeurskampioenschap decided Fernando Alonso to say goodbye to his beloved Formula 1 while Stoffel Vandoorne to the side was pushed for the 19-year-old British racetalent Lando Norris. Vandoorne is since the end of last year in the Formula E, the electric counterpart of the Formula 1, and is also simulatorrijder at the Mercedes F1 team.

In addition to Lando Norris will rijdersduo at McLaren consist of Carlos Sainz jr, the son of rallylegende Carlons Sainz. Norris and Sainz wait for the heavy task to McLaren at least re-connection to do with the top of the Formula 1.

Many, however, will depend on whether the car that McLaren this year managed to build finally fast enough. Nice to see the McLaren MCL34 there already, now, see if he soon is …


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