Mark for president? Rutte denies, but no one believes him

Mark Rutte presents itself ever more as a candidate-successor, Donald Tusk, or even Jean-Claude Juncker. Will be he any ambition in that sense denying it: ‘I Have to music at home listening?’

On the eve of his 52nd birthday if the Dutch prime minister, last night the prestigious Churchill lecture in Zurich. At the university where the former British oorlogspremier in 1946 …

On the eve of his 52nd birthday if the Dutch prime minister, last night the prestigious Churchill lecture in Zurich. At the university where the former British oorlogspremier in 1946 in a famous speech in Europe, called to unite, insisted Mark Rutte, the EU is not averse to Realpolitik on the international stage.

“If we in the geopolitics only the virtues of principles preach and fear the exercise of power, then our continent, perhaps, always the same, but it will rarely be relevant’, he said. The same day he gave interviews about Europe in five leading European newspapers.


Since the Brexit has Won in the small cockpit of the EU gewurmd where the Belgian prime minister Charles Michel (MR) as wanted to sit. Initially it was what a smile done about the alliance which he concluded with seven northern states – the seven dwarfs. That is completely changed.

‘Indoors, we talk about the three M’s: Merkel, Macron and Mark, quoted the always sober Volkskrant Wednesday, an anonymous European diplomat. His discourse is also remarkably more positive on Europe – a turn that he in June last year embarked on during his speech in the European Parliament on the future of the Union. Rutte is already long as of government. And the Dutch economy as a tierelier.

No wonder, then, that speculation is increasing that Rutte preys on a European topjob. His name is circulating for quite a while as a possible successor of Donald Tusk as president of the European Council. But now the rumor in The Hague and Brussels, that he might be interested in the presidency of the next European Commission.

Ideological state Rutte is closer to the European Council to the Commission: he said that the elected governments at the wheel should sit, and the lines should turn off, after which the Commission neatly. With the European Parliament, he has anyway not much: ‘A party committee in search of a party’, he called it ever. ‘The European elections, yes, I think those are not as relevant’, he let himself in January, mentioned during an interview on tv.


But if machtspoliticus see Rutte also that the president of the European Commission is still a big impact. He – the President was never a woman – determines to a large extent on how strictly it is monitored on the fiscal discipline in the euro-area countries and Juncker was for The Hague in recent years to soft on that plane. The President can also have the tempo indicated in the European integration Rutte is in favour of pragmatism and small steps. And also on trade Brussels remains a leader – not Tusk, but Juncker went last summer to Washington to president Donald Trump, a trade war to avert.

Mean that ambition, it will be very difficult to achieve them. It is already clear that the liberal group in the next European Parliament again will be smaller than that of the social democrats and the christian democrats (EPP), the biggest will stay. At the EPP, it is recognised that it will be possible to and the chairman of the Commission, and of the Council and of the Parliament to deliver, but the follow-up of Juncker, a top priority. If it is not ‘Spitzenkandidat’ Manfred Weber can be, Michel Barnier. Then it will always be easier to be president of the European Council.

No one believes denial

Rutte will remain at high and low denying that he is in The Hague behind wants to be. ‘When I was called (as a candidate for a European job, red.), I have but at home, sit down, headphones on and good music to listen to?’, he said to NRC Handelsblad. He can be difficult otherwise. The problem is that meanwhile, no one still believes.

He’s also not good, though that is speculation. In the Netherlands to create this type of stories it vulnerable to the criticism that they are the government in the lurch, while in Europe the same rule applies as for the pausverkiezingen in the Vatican: “Who the conclave will enter in as pope comes out as cardinal.’

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