Laundry Day is hiphopfestival Fire is Gold

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The Antwerp music festival, Laundry Day transforms and will from next summer, fully in the character of urban music. The name, Laundry Day disappears: henceforth, it goes through under the name of Fire is Gold, an urban festival from the same organizers that since 2017 took place in Vilvoorde.

In 2018, went on the Antwerp Left bank, the 21st edition of Laundry Day, the festival in 1998, it began in Antwerp’s Kammenstraat. It now appears, also the last time that the event under that name took place, because in 2019 transforms it to Fire is Gold. The focus is entirely on the hiphop.

According to Atmosphere Architects, the organisers of the festival in 2017, acquisitions, urban the most popular music style of the moment. During the last editions of the festival drew the hiphoppodia also the most public.

Therefore, from the next edition a combination of the most successful venues from previous years and the formula of Fire is Gold, the hiphopfestival that two times already took place in Vilvoorde, and in 2018, more than 5.500 visitors.

“We cannot and will not be blind to this type of music and style, which is actually also widely represented in our daily life,” says co-organiser Wim Van der Borght. “With the evolution of Laundry Day to only Fire Gold, we want to first continue to and offer a response to this lifestyle. That is something we as festivalorganisatoren want to continue to aspire to.”

In addition to music there will be on the new festival also takes place for other aspects of the urbancultuur, such as skating, basketball, dance and street art. There will also be a collection of Fire is Gold.

Fire is Gold on 24 August onwards on the domain, middle pond on the Left bank in Antwerp. For the first edition in the new format aim the organizers about 10,000 visitors.

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