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JP Morgan house brings own Stablecoin – Coin Hero

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JPMorgan house brings own Stablecoin at the Start

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Matthias Nemack –

Good news from the house of JPMorgan. The U.S. Bank will soon be a private digital currencies, in order to speed up transactions for your customers.

Stablecoin is to integrate Blockchain finally in the Bank everyday

JP Morgan Chase is doing now, Seriously. The company has brought in the last month, again and again, his interest in the technology, the Blockchain. Now the no. 1 among the banks in the USA up its words with actions. Today, on the day of the Global players announced that they would be bringing out its own crypto currency. The aim of the new offer is: The Bank would like to bring in the business areas between large customers and other customers the benefits of the technology. The new Coin will not act as direct competition for Blockchain-based systems, such as Ethereum, or Bitcoin.

Critical Position to crypto-currencies remains

Because you chose the Format of a so-called stable coins. The model will come under the name of JPM Coin to the market, and should primarily be used in real-time transactions. Real-time designs are in the traditional banking business, as before, is often not possible. Surprisingly, the message is caused against the Background that the Executive had in the past expressed repeated concerns about the reliability of digital currencies.

Introduction as a major Blockchain-step for the Bank

The Blockchain, however, was praised again and again. And so the circle closes, in a sense. As measured by the total volume of transactions within the firm (daily transactions according to various portals and after all, the equivalent of about six trillion dollars) will remain the volume of transactions on the Stablecoin more manageable in the first time. However, the partial transition to the new Token is a good sign for the crypto industry.

The new Coin is the Dollar bound to emitted

That for the time being, the institutional clients circle you can recognize that, does the positive statement, not really a crash. Brokers and other banks, but also corporate customers to reach the Coin, as it is called by the company. As expected the currency to the US Dollar coupled output. So at least the initial plans of the Bank. Subsequent Changes do not seem to be excluded.

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