Jesse Pinkman steals the show in ‘Breaking Bad’-film

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‘Breaking Bad’character Jesse Pinkman is probably the topic of the film adaptation which at this time plenty of work. Just like in the tv-series will be actor Aaron Paul, who have the role. Report that several American entertainment media today on their websites. The new information coming from “insiders”, is not yet officially confirmed.

The story of the movie will play out after the events in ‘Breaking Bad’, and so, in fact, a sequel will be on the popular television series. The film would reportedly first on Netflix to appear and, therefore, not in the cinema. AMC, the tv channel behind the success series, the first to be let go.

Good news for the die-hard fans of the franchise: the screenplay is written by Vince Gilligan, the creative mind behind both ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off ‘Better Call Saul’. According to the sources of The Hollywood Reporter would be Gilligan in addition, the directed by: stylistic continuity seems to be so insured.

A big question mark remains whether Bryan Cranston – the actor behind ‘Breaking Bad’-the main character Walter White – also of the party will be. It is to start with clear or White the tv series actually has survived: the end of the series is very ambiguous about. Cranston gave earlier in an interview, already knowing that he would certainly return to Gilligan asking.

‘Breaking Bad’ brought in five seasons the story of a financially stricken chemistry teacher with lung cancer. In order for his family to worry, says the husband to his chances to venture as a producer and seller of the synthetic drug crystal meth. Jesse Pinkman, is likely to be the main character of the future film in the series, especially the sidekick of the main character White. From 2013, two years after the end of ‘Breaking Bad’, appeared in the prequel series ‘Better Call Saul’ on tv.

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