Get seducer Temptation Island 10,000 euros for rocker?

01695be9c8292eeb5638c07732b7bdcc - Get seducer Temptation Island 10,000 euros for rocker?

On the website of the Algemeen Dagblad are Thursday morning the amounts that the seducers or verleidsters of Temptation Island. In the past, it was invariably claimed that the deceivers free and actually just on vacation, but that would be a myth. Admittedly, there may be people in abundance who would like to enjoy a few weeks of free vacation at one or another resort in the presence of some people of the other gender. Often, the presence in a program like Temptation Island enough to famous, notorious and so well known to be. On the other hand, you spend weeks away from home and there are all sorts of hurdles to stay at home. And you must, of course, next leave. In the Netherlands they are videogewijs a lot further than in Flanders and in “The Ochtendshow To Go” of the Dutch newspaper, was on Thursday morning talked about the new season of Temptation Island. According to Angela, The Young are the leaders actually determined for a certain performance. Where one of them a candidate can cushion, then would the tempter of 3,000 euros per gekuste person . But sometimes it ends up an evening or night in bed. For a (steamy) lovemaking would there even 10,000 euros have to be paid.

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