‘Forbid the sale of cigarettes to people younger than 100’

a2813d2b9c0133421f02d25857ad1ac8 - 'Forbid the sale of cigarettes to people younger than 100'

No, a smoking ban is not immediately in Hawaii. But, if the representative Richard Creagan depends, no one is there cigarettes to buy under the age limit of 100 years.

Democrat Richard Creagan has filed a bill that, by 2024, only centenarians would allow a pack of cigarettes to buy. If the law comes, is Hawaii the first Us state where a de facto sales ban would apply.

Creagan, himself spoedarts of appeal, found that excise duties and health warnings are not sufficient for a pretty anti-smoking policy. “In essence we are sitting with a group of heavy drug addicts, who are consciously addicted to be held in the science that cigarettes kill, and he leaves the Hawaii Tribune-Herald know. “The state has the obligation to protect public health.’

The politician thinks that the government are equally addicted to tobacco. Hawaii deserves namely annually to 100 million in the taxes on cigarettes.

To the state sufficient time to provide a new source of income to find, does the ban into operation gradually. For example, the proposal of Creagan the current age limit of 21 years old in 2020 will be increased to thirty years. Then increases them each year, with a decade and then in 2024, a jump from sixty to a hundred years. Electronic cigarettes, kauwtabak and cigars would not fall under the regulations.

Remarkable: Creagan supports the legalization of marijuana. Smoking it brings, according to him, to be less of a health risk.

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