FBI shows sketch free that serial killer of victims

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Samuel Little, the American who at the end of last year, more than ninety murders known, has made drawings of his victims. We hope the FBI more victims to be identified.

Samuel Little (78) well-known in november ninety murders after he is already imprisonment of up to three times life had gotten. That makes him one of the worst serial killers of the USA.

His victims were young women from poor neighborhoods, which usually were dependent on drugs or alcohol. He went to meet them on the street or in a bar, knocked them together and strangled them. Not only the number surprised the police, but also the terrain that he covered. He hit between 1970 and 2005 in at least fourteen American states.

A lot of details

The prisoner still remembered well where he was and what car he drove. About the exact dates that he each victim to the kind of life he knew. But, the FBI was able to convince him to make drawings of his victims. By the portraits to distribute, hopes the police department to the women to be able to identify and their families to inform.

“We hope that someone – a relative, a former neighbor, a friend of the victims can recognize and us crucial information about the identity,” said spokesman Shayne Buchwald. “We want these women their names back, and we wish their families some long-awaited answers. That is the least we can do.’

Sixteen portraits

Little was now sixteen portraits with chalk, pastel pencil and watercolour. He gave the victims again as he remembers. And although some facts are already almost fifty years ago happened, the drawings are very detailed.

The police has already to trust in the strategy, which, according to Buchwald earlier results. Two women who were seen in the previously released portraits, have now been identified.

Little was in 2012 for a drugsvergrijp. By dna testing, he was on three unsolved murders from the 80’s linked to. Before he got three times life. Of the ninety cases which he has known, there are thirty-four in connection with unsolved murders.

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