Ex-vice president of Catalonia: “If I have to be passionate reply, is that because I have 1.5 years could not speak.”

The former vice-president of Catalonia, Oriol Junqueras, sees himself as a political prisoner. He said that for the Supreme court, where he along with eleven other politicians terechtstaat. ‘I am persecuted for my ideas, not for my deeds.’

With Oriol Junqueras came Thursday, the highest-placed of the twelve accused politicians on the word in Madrid. Just as eight of his medebeklaagden is the former Catalan vice-president after the illegal onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in 2017 accused of rebellion, for which a term of imprisonment of 16 to 25 years above the head.

“I am convinced that I am persecuted for my ideas, not for my deeds’, said Junqueras front of the Supreme court. “I was dropped as vice president after the referendum; therefore, I believe that I am a political prisoner.’

The Spanish government put the regional parliament offside after Catalonia after the referendum, the independence had been declared, and took over the power of the Catalan government. That referendum was, according to Madrid illegal and riot police to Barcelona, was sent, grabbed violently to people voting to prevent.

“Voting is not a crime, but it is a crime to people with violence the voices to stop,” said Junqueras about it. The former vice president, is since november 2017 in the prison, but is still chairman of the left-wing separatist ERC, which together with the conservative PDeCAT Catalonia controls. ‘As I sometimes what to am passionate about in my answers, is that because I already have a year and a half have not been able to speak, he apologized.

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