Every Clijsters delete account on Instagram: “f*ck fame”

fbe42ee7c577faf6eadf52f73f2cb97f - Every Clijsters delete account on Instagram: "f*ck fame"

The sister of Kim Clijsters, Each, has a striking message on Instagram shared. A moment later, deleted her personal Instagramaccount.

The 34-year-old former tennis player has enough of her fame, as she made clear on Instagram. “Seriously, f*ck fame. Be thankful for a normal life. Appreciate the small things. Fame is an illusion. Faith, friends and family is what counts”, she wrote in her last Instagrampost, and she account offline took.

Last year, the ex-wife of Antwerpverdediger Jelle Van Damme is a private company that focuses on detoxbehandelingen, under the name ClijstersConcept. That account is in the meantime, however, still active on Instagram.

Clijsters had a few months ago a complaint against a stalker. She was not known who that was, but the rumours doing the round that it is to her ex-husband would go. Together they have two children.

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