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EU starts investigation of ‘tobacco advertising’ for F1 teams

68b9c6e4735f91fd57e4283f108e7ffe - EU starts investigation of 'tobacco advertising' for F1 teams

The European food safety authority shows that it closely monitored the initiatives of the tobacco industry to F1 teams to sponsor studies.

The research comes after the past days commotion was about initiatives from the tobacco industry to re-F1-teams, owing to the sponsors. An example of this is the Mission Winnow-project of Philip Morris.

Philip Morris has for many years been a faithful sponsor of the Ferrari F1 team, even after a ban on tobacco advertising ensured that all tobacco advertising from Formula 1 disappeared. Indirectly, there was the Ferrari F1 cars for many, many years with a kind of barcodes and then bar code reference to the logo of cigarette brand Marlboro.

Eventually disappeared also that reference to the F1 cars of Ferrari, but then did a remarkably designed ‘Scuderia Ferrari logo is also reminiscent of the red-and-white design of a pack of Marlboro. Followed also protest, and also that of the F1 cars disappeared.

The past months were, however, new initiatives from the tobacco industry. So there is the Mission Winnow-project of Philip Morris since the F1 race in Japan last year on the F1 cars of Ferrari dominated. Philip Morris wants to with Mission Winnow her initiatives to provide healthier alternatives for smokers to promote.

Recently, also the McLaren F1 team that a sponsorship deal has been concluded with British American Tobacco. British American Tobacco wants to use the campaign ‘A Better Tomorrow’ a similar initiative as Philip Morris to promote.

Since 2003 all sponsorship by tobacco companies is prohibited. Even more, in 2014, the legislation has been adapted to electronic cigarettes under the same directive. In Europe, follows it with a critical eye to the new initiatives of the tobacco industry to F1 teams to sponsor.

“The commission follows closely the compliance of the directive that sponsorship and advertising bans, including the Formula 1,” said Anca Padurara, spokeswoman of the European food safety authority, as opposed to ‘racing fans’.

“Recently, the commission noted that these new initiatives by the tobacco industry were undertaken. They require a further research, what the commission is, of course, will do.”

Earlier this month it became known that in Australia it is being investigated if the Mission Winnow logos on the Ferrari F1 cars are allowed during the first race of the new F1 season.

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