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Deschacht gambled, however, on own matches

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Olivier Deschacht (Lokeren) is sentenced to a fine of 24,000 euros for illegal gambling. The court considers it proven that he – and not his brother Xavier with his account on games gambled.

Olivier Deschacht, defender of Sporting Lokeren, had in June 2017 by the gambling commission an administrative penalty of 24,000 euros. With his account he would be online bets placed on the matches of his (then) team of Anderlecht. It included a match against Benfica in which he himself on the turf.

But Deschacht signed an appeal and argued that not he, but his brother Xavier, the bets had been placed. He would after 2009 also never more himself his account. In addition, he found the penalty too high for a contest where no more than 600 euros was used.


By that profession, landed the case before the court of first instance East-Flanders. That was, however, not on Deschachts arguments, on the contrary. In the judgment, dated 4 February, but only now bekendraakte, writes the court, literally, ” through the account in the name of Olivier Deschacht bets were placed at a time that Xavier Deschacht himself playing soccer with his team of Sint-Niklaas’. The court considers ” the sustained denial by Olivier Deschacht and the shift of the blame to his brother is not appropriate’.

The court pointed also to his example. ‘It cannot be accepted that a well-known professional footballer with a thriving career do not adhere to this simple life ban. Make bets on the matches of their own team can’t.’

Also the argument that the process is already in the media was conducted, swept the court of the table.

The gambling commission is satisfied responded. “This means that the substantive decision and the review by the gaming commission in a correct manner are expired,” says spokeswoman Marjolein De Paepe.

Deschacht itself wished yesterday not to respond, but according to his lawyer Luc Deleu continues to be the footballer that he never has gambled. “This is not pleasant to hear, but this thing is still not final. There is still an option to appeal, and we will examine that at this moment.”

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