Davy Gilles takes Sasha in with Valentine’s day

7b431597dc10588e351f1eef6ff431aa - Davy Gilles takes Sasha in with Valentine's day

It happens often that Sasha Rosen flowers of zangpartner and husband Davy Gilles, “but usually that of flowers that he has gotten from fans or organisers”, she once understood in earlier interviews. Today, on Valentine’s day makes Davy still in for a surprise with a bouquet of flowers that he has bought. And there was Sasha, very happy with it. Her spontaneous joy she shared on social media. Sasha & Davy have been for some years happily married. Last month they were still to be seen in the popular VTM-programme ” Greetings From’ where the family was teruggeflitst to 1988. With more than 600,000 viewers was the broadcast a success. Sasha & Davy are not only a couple, also professional they will share the stage. This year there will be a new album and after the single ‘waste of time’ they spent last week the applicable gem ‘Keep the faith’. We wish both of them in advance a Happy Valentine.

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