Controversial summit on the Middle East will start in Warsaw

da95f40ae7d20047e44ca33183e27376 - Controversial summit on the Middle East will start in Warsaw

U.s. vice president Mike Pence, the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, and the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In Warsaw Wednesday night by Poland and the U.S.-organized conference on the Middle East with a supper started. In addition to Israel with prime minister Netanyahu also was the American Trump-government is well-represented.

The two-day conference, far peace and security in the Middle East, representatives from about sixty countries. The American vice-president Mike Pence, foreign affairs minister Mike Pompeo and the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to the Polish capital subsided.

The summit is overshadowed by a lot of cancellations and criticism on the calendar. Russia decided after watching that program not to take part, reports the news agency Interfax on the authority of the ministry of Foreign Affairs. The US ” unilateral geopolitical interests, to impose by initiatives that are presented as the opinion of the entire international community’, it sounds.

Iran as an ally of Russia condemned on Wednesday what the united states attempts to ” exerting pressure on policy-making. The conspiracy of large states such as the united states has no influence on us policy’, quoted the Russian staatspersagentschap TASS the Iranian president Hassan Rohani. American officials have, however, emphatically said that Iran is not on the agenda.

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