Cath Luyten and Niels Destadsbader most desirable well-known Flemish people

Specially for Valentine’s day was Kim Debrie in the gelegenheidsprogramma Miss Cupid on Radio 2 is searching for the most sought after bv’s. They asked the listener with what is ‘known ‘ Valentine’, he or she will ever date will.
There was massively responded and voted via And it appears that Cath Luyten and Niels Destadsbader the most desirable well-known Flemish people. Niels was already very charmed by his title.

Niels Destadsbader: “I don’t know why the listeners for the second year in a row for me to choose. I hope that I was nice and sweet and if they find that… I find them nice and sweet (laughs). I’ve heard that Cath Luyten the most desirable female BV’s. I must say, that I understand. I had also voted for her. Kim, I had you voted, but it doesn’t have any income.”

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