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Bitcoin switch: In Liechtenstein, now in Post-possible – Coin Hero

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Bitcoin switch: In Liechtenstein, now in Post-possible

Home News Bitcoin change: In Liechtenstein, now in Post-possible

Matthias Nemack –

From the middle of February, customers of the Liechtenstein currencies can Post now officially a Crypto in the branches to swap.

Digital currencies easy to buy at the Post office

As the liechtensteinische Post today, on the day known begins the first test phase tomorrow, so in the 15.02.2019. Accurate statements to the Start of the project had not given it so far, after only last week the planned crypto-entry, as such, was made public. It all goes so very quickly in a small European country.

Five important currencies for the test phase selected

As the Post indicated, consumers will not only have the ability to the Bitcoin purchase or exchange. As a further digital foreign exchange, the notice is called the Coins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. A small drawback: the Test is limited because companies are on a single branch in the capital city of Vaduz. However, now there is an extension of the currency selection, as well as an introduction to other branches in the conversation, when the project as a successful should be.

Post is already considering expansion of the business model

What is particularly interesting is the explanation for the Start of the test run. From the point of view of those responsible, there is no difference to conventional money-exchange transactions in crypto currency, it was clear. For the cooperation with the Liechtenstein Post was able to win the in the country well-known companies Värdex Suisse AG, which according to media reports, is a subsidiary company of the service provider, Bitcoin Suisse AG. Technically, the partners rely on a physical crypto Wallet, enable customers using a Private Key and Public Key later online. If everything works as expected and the demand is increasing, could be citizens of and visitors to acquire in Liechtenstein soon, maybe Dash or EOS, as well at the post office counter for sale.

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