At the moment no ban on pulsvisserij

585d025cc73aae82c9d99daa040b346d - At the moment no ban on pulsvisserij

Half of the Dutch fleet fishing for flatfish, may until 21 July 2021 to continue to catch up with the pulse method, whereby electric current can be used. That negotiators of the European Parliament and the member states Wednesday night agreed.

Pulsvisserij is in principle prohibited in the European Union, but the legislation shows gaps where mainly Dutch fishermen benefit. The technology that drives away fish of the sea, after which they more easily with the nets can be caught. The fish can, nevertheless, personal injury, and the seabed is leeggeschraapt. By exception, in which the Netherlands makes use of, complain Flemish and French fishermen have fewer great catches in their waters.

Negotiations between the European institutions lead there now that half of the Dutch ‘kottersvloot’ until 1 July 2021 may continue to fish with the pulse method. It comes to 42 vessels. The other 42 ships get their licence this year will be lost. But if new scientific research, it would appear that the pulsmethode still not harmful for the environment and the fish, can the prohibition be reversed.

‘Bad farce’

Member of european parliament Tom Vandenkendelaere (CD&V) respond skeptical on the agreement. ‘So: you violate the rules, you are screaming murder and fire, and eventually you will be left with 50 percent about where you are actually only 5 percent would be allowed to leave’, he rolls the Dutch for the feet. ‘Making abstraction of the people behind those numbers, this is no less than a bad farce.’

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