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WikiLeaks: Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto

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Marcus Misiak –

Craig Wright has claimed a few days ago, once again, that he is the mysterious inventor behind the original Design of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakomato,. This Time, Craig Wright goes on to claim that Bitcoin is always a Pro-state, Pro-Bank technology. This time the controversial statements with conflicting information from Wikileaks have been answered.

Anyone who knows anything about Bitcoin knows BTC was originally created by “Satoshi Nakamoto”. There are many theories about who could be this mysterious Person or group, but Craig Wright is a Person who is constantly claiming that he is the inventor of Bitcoin. Wright’s current statement Posts, in which he outlines the history of his engagement for Bitcoin comes in the Form of a Medium. Wright claims that Bitcoin was never an anti-state project, and in fact, it is not the policy intention, had had the Cypher punks, but that BTC “was never intended to create a anonymous money transfer system and [Wright] is always against those who operated outside the law,”.

In fact, Wright claimed that he designed the Bitcoin Blockchain so that it is comprehensible, which led directly to the demise of the Silk Road, which he referred to as “poison”, which his (alleged) work on the crypto project “corrupted” and “” has twisted. Instead, argues Wright, that Bitcoins Design was actually made for the banking system.

Craig Wright, claimed in the blog to post with the legendary Cypher-punk Timothy May worked together. May is the author of “the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto” (in English: “The Manifesto for crypto-anarchists”), which was published in 1992, and by many as the spiritual basis for the existing decentralized crypto-currencies will be considered. It is noteworthy that Timothy May’s already died in December 2018. Wright had mentioned his relationship to May before his death, never. At once, Wright is known now a connection to May.

In addition, Wright also writes about Wikileaks in a negative light:

I don’t like Wikileaks, and I was never a Fan of assange’s methods. Even more important is that I decided against criminal markets turn. Ross Ulbricht, and others like him are Criminals. They are not freedom fighters, they are not Libera.

In particular, this criticism might have called the wrath of Wikileaks, which yesterday published a response on Twitter, the already dubious claims of Wright out of the question.

In the Twitter Post States that, “Craig S. Wright a proven serial forger of documents who claims that he is the inventor of Bitcoin is. He was repeatedly caught. This was from WikiLeaks, at the time of his first claim, and then independently verified“. In the Post it says that Wright has edited for the 2014-2015 a 2008 blog post, later and additions made, that he was working on a “crypto-currency security”.

The Blog Post that preceded the original Bitcoin white paper could originate in fact from the time. However, this raises a number of questions – why has Craig Wright changed the blog post, many years later, after Bitcoin had become a term? Why has Craig Wright wrote in his public Blog under his own name in the “crypto-currency project”, if he has published the actual white paper under a Pseudonym?

Wikileaks accused Wright of trying to rewrite history, to collect money for business projects and avoid court proceedings. While it is impossible to prove definitively that Craig Wright is Satoshi or not, there are certainly many questionable aspects that speak against Craig Wright.

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