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UEFA launch disciplinary proceedings against Manchester United and PSG

The European football association UEFA has disciplinary procedures started against Manchester United and PSG. Supporters of both teams misbehaving himself Tuesday night during the eighth finals of the Champions League at Old Trafford.

ManU risking a penalty because england fans with objects, throwing and trappenhallen blocked. Supporters of the French champion stakes fireworks, threw also with objects and brought damage to. The UEFA treats the files on 28 February.

PSG won the match with 0-2 and made an excellent case with a view to qualification for the quarter-finals of the kampioenenbal.

Fenerbahçe and Zenit also

The UEFA made Wednesday, also known disciplinary proceedings to start against the Turkish Fenerbahçe and the Russian Zenit. These two teams met Tuesday night in Istanbul in the sixteenth finals of the Europa League. Fenerbahçe is pursued because supporters trappenhallen blocked. Supporters of Zenit discontinue fireworks and threw objects.Also those files will be on February 28, treated. Fenerbahçe won the match with 1-0.

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