Two years in prison claimed for French ex-boxer Dettinger

At the trial of Christophe Dettinger has the attorney Wednesday to three years in prison of which one year with delay and under conditions, advanced. The ex-boxer is for serious violence against two gendarmes on the occasion of a demonstration of the ‘yellow vests’ in Paris.

On the internet was a video around showing how Dettinger two gendarmes, with the fist hit and kicked during a demonstration of ‘yellow bibs’ on 5 January. The two wetsdienaars were, respectively, fifteen days and two days incapacitated.

The magistrate continued that the man in custody. Under the terms and conditions for deferment, there is compensation of the victims.

Dettinger was in 2007 and 2008, champion of France in the class lichtzwaargewichten.

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