Tom Waes goes undercover

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From the 24th of February takes One to ten Sundays a long time with the long-awaited fiction series Undercover. In this new, exciting series of infiltrate undercover agents Bob Lemmens (Waes) and Kim De Rooij (Dutch actress Anna Drijver) in the life of Ferry Bouman (Frank Lammers), one of the major ecstasy producers in the world. They do for you as a couple and take their residence in a caravan on the campsite where the Ferry usually resides. Eternally charming bistro, but also life-threatening. The longer it takes, the more the case is under their skin crawls. They succeed in creating the lies to keep themselves to lose?

The Flemish and Dutch amazing cast includes Tom Waes (New Texas Aspe, Against the stars), Anna Drijver (a woman at the doctor’s, Bride flight, Loft), Frank Lammers (black book, Michiel de Ruyter, Bullhead), Elise Schaap (Valentino, Yes, I will!!!, Family Kruys), Raymond Thiry (Penoza, the Wolf, The paradise suite) and Kevin Janssens (D’Ardennes, Missing). There are also important roles to play for, among others, Katrien De Ruysscher (Silent waters, at Home), Manou Kersting (Cordon, Crimi Clowns), and Michael Only (Tabula rasa, Ghent West, Code 37).

Even before the release on One has Undercover already a good international festivalparcours behind the back. In april last year, the series was the only Belgian to be nominated for the competition at the international festival Canneséries in Cannes. During the German Seriencamp Festival a few months ago, Undercover the Audience award in the wait dragged. Meanwhile, it has also been nominated for the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, one of the most important American festivals annually in march in Silicon Valley takes place.

Undercover is widely available on Netflix, except in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where Netflix gives priority to the national channels. The recordings for a second season in the spring of start.

Nico Moolenaar (Missing), wrote together with peter Matthys (Missing) and Bart Uytdenhouwen (Spitsbroers) the scenario, and is also the showrunner. The direction is in the hands of Frank Devos (Chaussée d’amour) and Eshref Reybrouck (Cordon 2, Marsman, Hassel). Undercover is produced by Pieter Van george chapman, Ivy Vanhaecke and Jan Theys.

Undercover: from the 24th of February every Sunday at 21.05 hours on One.

Undercover is a production of The People for One, in collaboration with Proximus, Gardner and Domm, Netflix, Source Investments/DFW, Federation Entertainment, ZDF, Good Friends, and Gallop, and the Tax Shelter measure of the federal government.

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