This is the Carnavalshit of Peter Van de Veire

Peter Van de Veire, all-rounder and never averse to a theme party, makes a glorious return on a single. With the irresistible and choreographic responsible oorwurm “Dance DJ Dance!” he pulls all the carnivals and après-ski-registers open. The hilarious videoclipje let there be no doubt about that. As a DJ, which on all sides bounces it goes fully from left to right and back to front. In no time, it was number 1 in the iTunes-singlescharts, there seems to be so strong that carnival still not so late to start this year!

On Monday 18 February, Peter has even bigger carnavalsnieuws, but he tells you than myself. In the meantime, young and old can already losgehen on this ambianceplaat that coming months do not escape. And all the DJs go to the left to the left to the left and all the DJs go to right to right to right…

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