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The striking new F1 racing car of Max Verstappen

6af9a3f25a803df8a4f73c112f2876a4 - The striking new F1 racing car of Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing has today the cloth of its new F1 car will be met. It shows us a Red Bull RB15 in a striking livery which is probably only during the F1 tests in the run-up to the new season will be used.

The renstal of the Austrian manufacturer of the eponymous energy drink finished last year third in the F1-constructeurskampioenschap. Since the dominant period 2010-2014, in which the four year in a row, with Sebastian Vettel became world champion, managed to Red Bull, there are never really more in to compete for the world title.

2019 should be on that plane otherwise. The many years of cooperation with Renault as motorleverancier ended in a vechtscheiding in which there are also the last few weeks, often with mud was thrown. The grass is always greener on the other side, that they should also be in the Austrian mountains have thought, because Renault was traded in for the Honda.

Indeed, the Japanese a year and a half ago, been dumped by McLaren should now Max Verstappen to the title to help. Last season if zusterteam Toro Rosso all with the Honda-motors drive and that was with varying degrees of success. The power and the reliability were still not as needed. It is also hoped that the Japanese are the problems solved, the pressure at Red Bull will indeed only get bigger.

Also what the rider is concerned, a lot has changed. Daniel Ricciardo pulled after many years the door of the Red Bull adventure behind her back and exchanged the renstal for a racezitje at Renault. The Australian was replaced by Pierre Gasly, who happens to of zusterteam Toro Rosso.

At Red Bull will be Max Verstappen, more than ever, the absolute number 1 status within the team. Quite the marketing strategy of Red Bull will be based around the Dutchman Verstappen will be the spearhead in the battle for the world title. Now hope that both the Dutch as the Honda engine is no cures.


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