The Hall of fame of the Low Countries brings ode to the writers behind Q3

c74f157f4f5452556fddb3fc457cc272 - The Hall of fame of the Low Countries brings ode to the writers behind Q3

The annual celebration for a life full of music this year is a Hall of fame of the Low Countries. This special edition comes on the occasion of the exhibition “Long live the music! – 60 years of songs from the Low Countries” which is still to 9 June in the St peter’s Abbey in Ghent.

Previously, it was announced that singer/songwriter Guido Belcanto and singer/composer Henny Vrienten this year to be included in the Hall of fame for a Life Full of Music. The music makers get this award for their great significance for and influence on the Flemish music. Last year fell that honor still to turn Axelle Red, liedschrijfster Mary Boduin and author-composer Stefaan Fernande. Christel Van Dyck and Jelle Cleymans are gastduo at the awards ceremony on Thursday 21 march 2019, during a marvelous live show in Kursaal Oostende.

The trio of Miguel Wiels, Peter Gillis and Alain Vande Putte is inextricably linked with that other well-known trio: Q3. ‘Heyah mama’ was the start of the cooperation between the three lords and the three ladies. The song immediately became a hit, was thirty weeks in the Flemish Top Ten and made three gold.
Alain Vandeputte learned the craft of the songwriter in London. The Alains words and phrases that so many people out of full chest, be sung. He tries the numbers of depth so that they a lot of different generations appeal to both young and old.
Peter Gillis and Alain Vandeputte started in 1985, along Top Studio in Ghent. Miguel Wiels came in 1996. That studio is the place where all the songs of K3, but there came in the course of years many others artists, such as Isabelle A, Dinky Toys, Opium, and Niels Destadsbader.
To more than 200 songs to write together, you should be able to work together. Since the mid 90’s, it runs without a hitch for the three. Usually a K3 song on the piano with Miguel and Alain. A tune, a sentence, the news, … everything can be a trigger. The skeleton of a song is often quickly set up, but then they all three continue to work. The dots on the ‘i’ to be set, both musically and lyrically. That K3 has proven that varying constellations nothing to the success of the group change, has everything to do with the strong trio of writers/producers behind the group.

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