Socialist movement honors Louis Tobback movie, “The gift of outrage’

2e6676ca91f042145f388509b8b7f310 - Socialist movement honors Louis Tobback movie, "The gift of outrage'

“The gift of outrage’. So is the documentary about Louis Tobback (80), that the socialist movement has run to mark the end of his 24-year mandate in Leuven. Tobback is still politically active as a Flemish-Brabant provincieraadslid. He pushes also still the list of the successors for the next federal election.

In the film, through film clips and testimonials from various political co – proponents and opponents (Willy Claes, Mark Eyskens, Frank Vandenbroucke,…), journalists (Rik Van Cauwelaert, Walter Pauli,…) and others (Koenraad Debackere, Mark Waer…) looked back on the long political career of Louis Tobback. In addition to national topics such as the rakettenkwestie, the death of king Boudewijn, the Agusta affair and the White Anger, there is also attention for its influence on the social-democracy after the second world WAR and the urban renewal in Leuven.

The film was shot by Matthias Therry, who already worked on films from the VZW Fonk, such as “The university Scene” and ” Leuven Autovol, Car-free…’. The scenario is from the hand of the Leuven Knack-journalist Walter Pauli. The film is in the presence of Louis Tobback premiered on 22 February in the concert hall het Depot in Leuven. This show is already sold out. Cinema Zed in the course of the month of march a dozen impressions to organize.

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