Sigrid Spruyt out to the VRT

034632c50e720dd18830d2ce85602006 - Sigrid Spruyt out to the VRT

Former Journaalanker Sigrid Spruyt has of her last years on the news desk kept a diary, which is now in book is issued. It seems that her departure, officially because of a make-up allergy, actually only half the truth. That know the Knack. The last six years of her career primarily delivers a bleak story in which she describes how her journalistic dream, smoke saw go up. “The VRT is corrupted, rotten and tragic,” she writes in a fit of anger. “I found that with the society in the wrong direction and that the media and the tv-news there was a large role played. I found that they are fanaticism and intolerance were encountered, the populists in the card played and there is no responsibility for images.”

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