“Save the Bavarian bees!’

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In the German state of Bavaria has a referendum in less than two weeks, one million signatures collected. Thus, the law on nature conservation to be adapted: they should be a lot more ecological.

The deadline for the petition ‘save the bees’ is until this afternoon, but the organizers are now all on clouds. Yesterday we found out that she was in Bavaria more than a million signatures had been collected …

The deadline for the petition ‘save the bees’ is until this afternoon, but the organizers are now all on clouds. Yesterday we found out that she was in Bavaria more than a million signatures were collected. That is ten percent of the registered voters, the number needed to petition a law to change. Agnes Becker of ÖDP, Ecological Democratic Party, is one of the initiators of the plebiscite. They want the law on nature conservation is rewritten: ten percent of the Bavarian green grounds have flowering meadows, the fertilizers and pesticides need to be restricted and a third of all agricultural land to ecological agriculture.

From a study that soon in the journal Biological Conservation appears, shows that approximately forty percent of all insects in the world in danger of extinction. The intensive agriculture, the use of pesticides and the change of the environment, jeopardize the survival of the insects and bring the bird life is in danger. That is the conclusion of the researcher Francisco Sánchez-Bayo and Kris Wyckhuys of the Australian universities in Sydney and Queensland. They think we are of our food production urgently need to change, if we want to avoid that these insects within a few tens of years of our earth are gone. The bees, the butterflies, the ants and the moths are among the insects that are the hardest to endure. According to the ÖDP in Bavaria, more than half of the wild bees are in danger and are 73 percent of butterflies and more than 75 percent of all insects disappeared. ‘With the referendum, we want an end to this dramatic development stands on the site of ÖDP Bavaria.

Why only farmers?

Many Bavarian farmers feel targeted by the ‘save the bees’action. They feel it is a pity that the ÖDP only reforms for agriculture proposes and not ventured to suggestions for hobby growers in Bavaria. Agnes Becker is aware of that criticism, but she points out that the legislation stipulates that a referendum but one law can endorse and that the conduct of private persons, there unfortunately is not. She says in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung that she does not understand that farmers are required to feel, because in the intended wetsaanpassing however, support for ecological agriculture.

In two weeks, had the organizers their million signatures to collect. To their own astonishment, flocked to the people. In different cities were long rows of signatories that the bees want to save with their feet in the cold snow patiently waiting. The theme ‘climate and environment’ can be these days a lot more people on the leg to bring the green geitenwollensokken of yore ever dreamed.

‘Not dead debate’

It is not easy for the political leaders. The Bavarian prime minister Markus Söder who is a big part of the CSU-voters in the farmyard recruits, don’t know what he should start. Normally he had next week, a roundtable discussion about the environmental policy of Bavaria, but now he faces a combative ÖFP on the support of a million citizens can count on. “He must not think that he has this theme of death can argue that round-table discussions,” says Becker, who Süddeutsche. “The law as we want him, is the measure where we are not from districts.’

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