Prince Laurent says, “Pano” that he is even in Tripoli wanted to go and live

“That was the project of my life. I even wanted in Tripoli are going to live,” says prince Laurent of belgium on the VRT duidingsprogramma “Pano” that tonight is a broadcast dedicated to the legal troubles of the prince with the Libyan state by which he does not want to compensate for the discontinuation of a reforestation project.

Prince Laurent wrote at the end of last month, a flaming letter to prime minister Michel. He called for the first minister on his vzw to help to obtain compensation from the Libyan state in connection with the discontinued reforestation project in Libya.

The non-Laurent, Global Sustainable Development Trust (GSDT), had in 2008 signed a contract with the Libyan government for a large reforestation project in a number of woestijnzones, but in 2010 told the country the contract unilaterally. Since then leads the prince to a battle for that association. He wants Libya a compensation pay for the costs that the vzw already had made for the project. For the Brussels court got the vzw equivalent, both in first instance and in appeal.

The sum would now amount to 50 million euros. In a response to the letter of Laurent suggested premier Michel, that the government must adhere to the resolutions of the United Nations and the European regulations.

In “Pano” complains prince Laurent of belgium the government to him has helped that the money from his vzw to recover. “That was the project of my life. I even wanted in Tripoli are going to live,” says the prince.

The report is Wednesday, broadcast at the same time in “Pano” on VRT and in “Questions à la Une” RTBF.

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