Perfect couple Tempation Island: Lize want the following step, do not Know

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Two years ago, Lize along with Jefferson part of Temptation Island. Soon had Lize that there were better alternatives for her friend and that alternative turned out to be the handsome Dutchman Know. He impressed her with his guitar and songs, but also by being there for her. The heart of Lize melted for the seducer and so dumped it Jefferson. The two are still together but one and the other one is not as Lize had hoped. The fans of the couple may have had all of one and the other in the holes because there were no new videos of the couple. Just like so many others started Lize and Ken to vloggen. With success, because their videos were pretty good. But the nearly 30,000 subscribers are now already 8 months at a reasonable price. The chance seems small that there are still videos to follow. Tuesday night was Lize a guest in Temptation Take Off, remarkably enough, without Know. The relationship between the two lovebirds is not easy: she lives in Brussels, in the Netherlands. There is the long distance all the time which has to be bridged, in addition, Ken has no driver’s license. And so the initiative always of Lize out what for her is not a problem because they want to completely fling on their relationship. If there is for Lize and Ken see each other not as often. Lize confirms that she and Ken are still together, but that they have difficulties. Apparently it wants Lize like to live together but see that Ken apparently does not sit? Ken is still not ready for the next step in their relationship. Lize is not going to give up but after two years and such a great love, there Goedele even asking about it.

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