Night watch: “China threatens Europe”

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China has the us declared war. That claims to be a lecturer in international politics and China expert Jonathan Holslag in the second episode of the night Watch, with Jan Leyers. They use the weakness of the West to itself the dominant world power, all means are good: investment only in their own interest, political pressure, and even military threat.

Holslag argues about it with a teacher of international trade Hylke Vandenbussche and sinologe and China-consultant Jeanne Boden.

Saturday 16 February at 22.05. on Canvas

China has us secretly declared war, says Jonathan Holslag. Now take the new “silk road”, the global network of roads and infrastructure that China is building under the guise of assistance to poorer nations. Only the rich in those countries to take advantage of them, while the Chinese as the new colonizers, the raw materials are removed. At the same time, we see that Europe is becoming less and less running to those countries. We are forced out of business.

Also the investment in our own country are not in our favor. China has a rail link extended from the extreme east of China in… Zeebrugge. Almost every day a train with cars to. But that connection, that will fit in the new silk road, is hardly used to make Belgian products perform. We are just at the service of the Chinese expansion, argues Holslag, and we are very naive if we Chinese investments embrace.

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