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New Honda engine is the big unknown for Max Verstappen at Red Bull: “I am realistic, it is time to ask”

5b6bf83308c97319383710dde63edf05 - New Honda engine is the big unknown for Max Verstappen at Red Bull: “I am realistic, it is time to ask”

The strength and reliability of their new Honda engine is a big question mark for the Dutchman Max Verstappen, the Frenchman Pierre Gasly in the coming season pilots at Red Bull in Formula 1. The team introduced Wednesday its new car.

“The new engine is going to be a little bit of time”, opened Verstappen, who since 2016 at Red Bull drove with a Renault engine. “I’m optimistic, but also realistic. I can’t wait to start. I want to see how fast he is, how reliable and how powerful. When we know that, we can the car will improve.”

His new teammakker, the 23-year-old Gasly, makes its debut at Red Bull. He came over from zusterploeg Toro Rosso and worked with a Hondamotor. “That was a positive experience,” said the Frenchman. “I’ve spent a year with the Honda worked in the Super Formula, and then in F1. I’m sharing my knowledge with the team. It is a bit of a new start, for me, for Honda and Red Bull.”

Some changes to the car

In the off-season were again a few changes were made to the car. “The adjustments to the front wing and the ‘aerodynamic package’ could be a great should have an impact on our performance, but we don’t know for sure, as long as we’re not on the circuit have been able to test”, he continued Gasly. “We have theories in our head, but can not yet prove. Riders always want as much as possible to catch up, because that makes the race exciting. But we need to be able to our competitors easier to approach.”

About the ‘inhaalkwestie’ loved Verstappen, in the circuit considered as one of the best ‘passeurs’, is a bit on the plain. “The adjustment to the front wing is the greatest,” said the Dutchman. “I’m not sure if it will work, but it is a big challenge for everyone. I hope that we can succeed. The rear wing is also slightly changed, but I don’t think that will make the difference.”

The first test drives are planned for next week at the circuit of Barcelona. The first Grand prix in Australia on march 15 programmed.

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