NBA superstar LeBron James remains the highest paid player

LeBron James, the superstar of the LA Lakers, for the fifth year in a row, the best paid player in the NBA. His annual income is estimated at 78,36 million euro. That has published in the American economic magazine Forbes yesterday.

King James would be such a 31,52 million euro salary is yours. 48.8 million euro, James from revenue outside of the basketball court, especially by means of very lucrative contracts.

The Lakers star is in the rankings, Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) in advance, which has to do with 70.2 million euro. His teammate at the Warriors, Kevin Durant, is third with 57.4 million euros.

Further follow Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City), with 50,77 million euros, and current MVP James Harden (Houston Rockets), with 41,85 million euro.

The eighteen highest-earning NBA players sticking together as a 476,77 million euros on a bag. That is an increase of 158.9 million euros in comparison with five years ago.

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