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‘Misdaaddokters’, tv exactly at the intersection

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Postenpakker – Misdaaddokters

‘Misdaaddokters’, tv exactly at the intersection

13 February 2019 22:34 pm


An Olaerts

Between bitterness, love and knowledge is a point of intersection. Few people continue to look elegant on the right. The Misdaaddokters on Canvas are an exception. Previous times were the Strafpleiters. Then there was also a table in the middle. On the one hand, was Gilles De Coster, on the other hand, a variety of top lawyers. Above did the word work. Without bells and whistles.

I then slowly fell in love with one Joris Van Cauter. However, he radiated no sides. Marketing? Zero. He sat there, but what, with a poorly maintained hairstyle, a little ongeï …

I then slowly fell in love with one Joris Van Cauter. However, he radiated no sides. Marketing? Zero. He sat there, but what, with a poorly maintained hairstyle, a little uninterested, don’t be impressed. But what he said! What he knew! And what he didn’t know! Everything at the intersection of bitterness, love and knowledge. I enjoyed his insights. It is something intellectueels, really.

By now, his successor is known. Her name is Evy De Boosere and she is law doctor in the university hospital of Antwerp. Last week she told us that after a judicial autopsy, sometimes in need of relaxation. Then she comes home from her work, she makes jam. And they also did after how maggots sound like a dead body to digest. And hup, the camera slipped under the table and buzzed in her boots: black with silver stars and a merry, high heels. Telling elegant to a point of intersection.

Last night she told how she sometimes at the butcher. If the slices of meat, not thin enough, it may sometimes not let in order to provide its services. It is something many wetsdokters. If there is meat on the table, they get the knife. There were but two that head shaking. “I keep work and private like to be separated,” said doctor Wouter Van den Bogaert. While doctor Dingeman Rijken know in the energy of his wife. ‘Dutch.’

And in the meantime passed the tragedies: a girl of eight, is dead at the bottom of an apartment building, an elderly man hanged in the sleeve of her pajamas. The misdaaddokters investigated everything and everyone. ‘The advantage,’ this they were to agree, ‘that we do not believe need to have.’ It is their job not to judge. Prefer to capacitate them in empathy.

“I have Ronald Janssen twice studied’, said dr. Werner Jacobs. “To be honest, with him I had my children dare to leave’, he went on. At the intersection of bitterness, love, and knowledge you can only be conscious of your vulnerability. Therefore, it is Misdaaddokters such an excellent program. It gives the people space. The wetsdokters question, and effortlessly vulnerable. If their nature is not, then it must be their experience with the allerlelijkste side of life. And if it is not then is it Gilles De Coster.

Same for the doubt. Now, take professor Wim Van De Voorde of the university hospitals Leuven. He gave yesterday without taking that he already made a mistake. A man killed himself with a samoeraizwaard, while the doctor thought it to be murder. “The fear for me to be wrong is very large. If someone by my actions wrongly convicted, I stop there probably.’ Big sir is the man who dares to doubt it. And great is television on the intersection point of bitterness, love, and science.

Misdaaddokters. Canvas, Wednesday evening 21.20 hours. rating@5

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